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Trading your Trial and Error period of getting started as a consultant for my 30+ years of Successful Consulting Experience.

Join us in Phoenix.

Experience a week of life-changing content. Learn exactly what you need to take your consulting practice to the next level.

What I Wish Peter Drucker Had Offered in 1976

The Consulting Institute is precisely what I wish Dr. Peter Drucker had offered when I was getting started as a consultant back in 1976. I wished I had someone with 30 years of experience to help me navigate my “trial and error” phase of getting started as a consultant.

Later I did spend 2 days – about leadership in general not “how to be a consultant” – in a retreat center with Peter and a few other senior executives. It was an intense time of learning, re-evaluating, and focusing. I have referenced my time with Peter to friends / clients / strangers hundreds of times in the past 25 years. It was a watershed point in my professional career.

It is my hope that the Consulting Institute will not only be a watershed event of learning, re-evaluating, and focusing for you … but, it will also be a major accelerator for your consulting career as well. I will be giving you the very best I know about consulting after 30+ years of consulting. This will be a week of my sharing 30+ years of experience for the “trial and error” phase of your consulting career.

What to Expect at The Consulting Institute

Executive Mentor

Since 1976 I have consulted with over 500 clients and senior executives. From this 30 plus years of experience I have distilled the essence and committed them to over 35 tools to bring clarity and confidence in the areas of Leadership, Management, and Life.


To facilitate our time together we will be staying at a 4-star hotel. A great place to relax and grow. There will be ample time for you ask all of your questions about how consulting, leadership, and organizational development work in the “real world”! Some learn far better by interaction, role-play, and discussion than by reading a book. At meals and breaks there will also be plenty of one to one with Bobb to ask personal questions.


Some executives have alumni from Harvard, Cambridge, or Yale to call on. Once you attend The Consulting Institute, you will have your fellow graduates in your life-long contact list! Imagine the connections you will make during your time with us.

Take Away

During our week together, your consulting confidence will grow and you will learn exactly what to do, say, and give in hundreds of client situations. This increase in your confidence may lead to an improved ability to earn significant income, build an in-house consulting team, help others, and become a better board member. You will also take home a class picture as a reminder of the life-long friends you will make at the Institute.


Jim Daly

Jim Daly

Focus on the Family

Bobb has hit me between the eyes with insightful and fog-cutting questions that have helped me immeasurably. Those long-range thoughts have brought a crisp and clear definition to today’s activities. I would strongly encourage you to join him for the day.

Robert Jeffress

Robert Jeffress

First Baptist Church Dallas

For the past 15 years Bobb Biehl has been the single greatest influence in my personal development as a leader. Every time I have heard Bobb speak I have left with a sharpened focus and renewed zeal for the future.

Tim Tassopoulos

Tim Tassopoulos


Bobb has had a significant influence on Chick-fil-A. His consulting is both challenging and insightful. Bobb understands people and knows how to help them unlock their untapped potential.


The Consulting Institute Registration Details

Your $10,000 tuition includes ALL of the following:


For the duration of the Consulting Institute, all of your meals are included. Enjoy times of networking and fellowship around the table with fellow participants.

Resources and Tools

Throughout our time together, you will receive some of my best tools to help you gain clarity in your life and lead more effectively.


Enjoy hotel accommodations at the Camby Hotel (formerly Ritz Carlton) from Sunday night to Friday noon. This premiere hotel consistently receives high marks for comfort, style, and service.

The Consulting Institute is limited to only 10 consultants.

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